Pediatric Dentistry

Creative Edge Dentistry is well known for children’s dentistry in Edmond, OK. If you have children who need dental healthcare services, our practice is your top destination. We have a friendly staff, a playful environment, and fun-loving dentists your kids will definitely love. Our healthcare and treatment are top notch. We can provide you the most effective general and preventive dentistry that will benefit both you and your little ones.

Our practice believes in the old adage that prevention is better than a cure. Instead of having your kids go through any major dental procedures, we help them develop good oral hygiene early. We incorporate effective strategies to make teeth brushing a fun habit they can look forward to everyday. If your children experience any dental problem needing medical attention, we help them feel at ease. Our practice minimizes pain and prevents them from having any traumatic experience. This insures they have healthy, beautiful smiles and they develop good oral habits they will carry with them through adulthood.

Although we have a cutting edge and child friendly environment, as well as fun and playful activities in our practice, our staff mainly takes pride in its caring and compassionate dental experts. Our young patients always look forward to seeing our staff members and our doctors, with whom they have built friendships. Our professional team can relay the most technical and the most serious messages in ways they will easily understand. Apart from making them feel comfortable, our team makes them feel loved, cared for, and understood. Our practice has always believed that children deserve respect just like any adult.

Creative Edge Dentistry offers excellent general, preventive, and pediatric dentistry in Edmond, OK. Working with children is one of our specialties. We love to see our little patients grow up into adults who have healthy, beautiful smiles. We take pride in our patients because they attest to our quality of healthcare and our commitment. If your children need a dentist, our practice is here for them.