Actually, going to any dentist is not where I’d ever say I am comfortable. Did I feel friendly greetings? Yes! Was there courtesy? Yes. Patience? Absolutely. Understanding. Oh! yes! I thank you for all the above, and I guess that could all be added up into saying ‘comfortable’ Yes!! Thank you so much. Carolyn Long Marel
Carolyn M.
It was a friendly atmosphere and all were most kind. While having teeth ‘scraped’ is not necessarily one of my most favorite things,this was the best I’ve ever had, and that is something!! I would be presumptive to suggest change in any way. I will recommend others to seek your services.. Thank you for making it a pleasant experience for me. I smile with clean teeth and a good attitude. Carolyn Long Marel
Carolyn M.
It was a great visit. I will happily refer anyone I know to your office.
Debbie L.
Your team was very professional and made me feel welcome. I was very impressed with the service and time you took to explain dental proceedures. Thank you.
Melba K.
Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable! So glad I found you guys and look forward to bringing my whole family here. Thanks girls for being super friendly to me!
Stephanie Kirby