Root Canal Treatment in Edmond OK

Root Canal Treatment in Edmond OK

If you have had a root canal, you know that it’s not nearly as bad as it’s made out to be. No, you wouldn’t want to do it unless you had to, but for most people there is no more discomfort during a root canal than there is when you have a cavity filled.

What is Root Canal Treatment

When your body develops an infection, your system gets to work immediately to fight it. White blood cells and antibodies move to the area, in order to eradicate the bacteria that is causing the problem. Unfortunately when an infection develops in your tooth, there is little or no room for the antibodies and white blood cells to work. The tissue inside the tooth attempts to swell, and because there is no room, it is choked off and eventually dies. At that point, the pain may go away, and you may think that the problem has healed itself. But what has happened is that the infection has begun to move into the bone, causing an abscess.

The purpose of the root canal treatment is to clear out any infected or dead tissue and then seal the tooth and root. Once the root canal is completed, your tooth will be healthy again. The structure of the tooth may be weakened, though, and your dentist may recommend a crown be placed on the tooth.

What to Expect

Despite it’s bad reputation, most patients find that having a root canal is not nearly as difficult as having a tooth extracted. Dr. Bender will make sure that you are comfortable, using local anesthetic to numb any tissue that is not dead. If you are extremely nervous about the procedure, be sure to discuss this with the doctor. You may be a good candidate for nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Creative Edge Dentistry is dedicated to maximizing your comfort.

Dr. Bender will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding root canal treatment. Call our office today to set up a consultation, or visit our “Make an Appointment” page.