Removing Stains from Porcelain CrownsOne of the most common concerns of our patients is the removal of stains from porcelain crowns. We often tell them that it may not be the crown itself that has become stained but rather the margin of the porcelain exposed in the mouth. It can also be that the crown has roughened over the years; thus, appearing stained and discolored. As porcelain crowns are designed to be stain resistant, it is important to determine the factors that have lead to their staining, so as to address the matter effectively. Here’s what we think you should do when you start noticing stains on your porcelain crowns.

Keep your Teeth Clean

Oftentimes, all your teeth need is a thorough cleaning, so they will look bright and stain-free again. Try to brush and floss your teeth well and visit your dentist for your deep cleaning treatment. The dentist will remove plaque on hard-to-clean areas of your mouth, so they won’t cause permanent stains on your teeth. At Creative Edge Dentistry, we have found that patients who take deep cleaning treatments every 3 months, are those with bright, great-looking teeth. Deep cleaning keeps your teeth clean while it gives your porcelain crowns a smooth polish.

Consider Using a Touch-Up Bleaching Kit

A teeth whitening bleaching kit should be able to do the trick of whitening those crevices and marginal areas that are most susceptible to staining. These kits contain customized bleaching trays and gels that the patient needs to wear independently. The use of a gel-infused bleaching tray for two weeks delivers spectacular results for your teeth. Stains will be removed effectively so your smile appears bright and beautiful.

Avoid Biting Hard Objects

If you want your porcelain crowns to stay in great shape for years, avoid biting hard objects and using your teeth as a tool. Biting hard surfaces can crack, damage, or roughen the surface of your porcelain crown, thus, increasing the chances of having permanent stains. Roughened surfaces make it harder to remove stains by brushing alone. Bear in mind that while porcelain crowns are durable, they are not entirely indestructible. Prevent them from breaking by being conscious of what you put your teeth into. The rule of thumb is that, if it’s not food, don’t bite it.

Take Stain-Causing Foods and Drinks at a Minimum

Avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks can be quite a challenge, so we won’t advise you to do that. Rather, we recommend that you take these foods and drinks at a minimum. Choose as well the lesser evil. For example, drink white tea instead of black. Choose white wine instead of red wine. While porcelain crowns don’t easily stain, being selective of your food and beverage choices keeps them great-looking and well-maintained for years.

Another trick to prevent staining is to eat a sugarless gum after meals. The gum should do the trick of absorbing any stains that may have stuck on your teeth. Follow it up by rinsing your mouth as soon as possible. Swish water around your mouth and flush out stains and bacteria that may have clung to your teeth. Do your best to keep your teeth clean, and your porcelain crowns will look great for many years.

For quality, skillfully-placed porcelain crowns, visit us at Creative Edge Dentistry. Dr. Kari Bender is a competent, experienced dentist passionate about her craft and serving the needs of patients. You may schedule you consultation online or give us a call at (405) 341-9351(405) 341-9351.

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