Edmond OK White Fillings

We call them silver fillings, but a more accurate name would be silver-amalgam fillings. Silver fillings are mixed up as a paste of a silver alloy and mercury that is pressed into the tooth, where it hardens. In recent years, there has been more concern about the safety of placing mercury in a patient’s mouth.

Dr. Bender doesn’t use amalgam fillings. Instead, we, at Creative Edge Dentistry, use tooth-colored composite, or white fillings. These fillings are made of a combination of glass or quartz and resin materials which are blended to create the tooth fill medium. They are tooth-colored, so they have a much more natural appearance than traditional amalgam fillings.

Here are photographs showing old, corroded amalgam fillings on the left, replaced with tooth-colored composite fillings on the right.

Edmond OK White Fillings
Edmond OK White Fillings

Amalgam Fillings left picture and Composite Fillings right picture

White fillings have several distinct advantages. The strongest advantage is that their resin chemistry makes it possible for them to bond to the teeth. If you examine the photograph of the amalgam fillings on the upper left, you will see that there are some places where there is a gap between the filling and the tooth. With composite, this tooth/filling interface is sealed, leaving no gap. In addition, the bonding process strengthens the tooth.

White Fillings Versus Amalgam Fillings


White fillings:

  • Because they are bonded to the tooth, composite fillings restore most of the tooth’s original strength.
  • They require less of the natural tooth be removed than amalgam.
  • They are particularly well suited to small cavities.
  • They have a much more natural appearance.
  • Since they require more time and skill to place, they tend to cost more than amalgam.
  • Since many dental schools don’t teach the placing of white fillings on back teeth, dentists often need additional dental training in order to place them correctly. When dentists don’t have that extra training, the fillings tend to have problems such as premature failure or extreme sensitivity.


Amalgam Fillings:

  • They are simpler and require less time to place. All dentists are trained in dental school in the proper placement of amalgam fillings.
  • Amalgams are generally less expensive than composite.
  • Their mercury content is a safety concern to some.
  • Over time, they will corrode, and their appearance becomes dark, almost black.
  • They are subject to metal fatigue and corrosion, and over time the fillings can crack, or they can cause cracks in the teeth.

If you’re interested in tooth-colored composite fillings, Dr. Bender has the training necessary to provide that service with expertise. Call our office today and we’ll be happy to schedule you for an examination.