Stop Snoring Treatment in Edmond OKSnoring may seem like a common, simple problem, but can be an annoyance in most homes and dormitories. Studies have shown that men and people who are overweight have a high tendency to snore during sleep. While snoring is not that serious, it can worsen over time and cause relationship and health problems for you. It will not only disrupt the deep sleep of a bed partner, but also affect your quality of sleep. With a less restful slumber, your mind is less alert and you are more prone to experiencing mood swings. Thus, treatment for habitual snoring is often necessary, so you and your loved ones can truly get a good night’s rest.

Wearing a Dental Appliance during Sleep is an Effective, Non-invasive Treatment for Snoring

People snore because there is obstruction to the flow of air through the nose and mouth. Many factors lead to obstruction of the airways. Allergies and sinus problems can obstruct the flow of air through the nose. Large tonsils and tongues may also contribute to snoring, as well as bulky throat tissues and a deviated septum.

The dentist recommends the use of a mandibular advancement appliance to clear the pathway for air and put an end to snoring. This dental device is very similar to an orthodontic retainer or a mouthguard. It is made of plastic and developed with your comfort in mind. This appliance will reposition the tongue and open up your airway. You will not only receive sufficient oxygen but also stop snoring. This appliance may also be used to address sleep apnea, a condition wherein a person stops breathing for seconds to minutes at a time while sleeping.

Other Stop-Snoring Tips from your Dentist in Edmond, OK

In addition to using an oral appliance, you can also do several techniques to prevent snoring.

  • Lose weight
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages
  • Don’t take sedatives or sleeping pills
  • Change your sleeping position

As you may have noticed, most of these tips are health related. A healthy lifestyle helps eliminate snoring because the body experiences less stress and abuse. Notice how people snore heavily when they work for long hours, and then sleep? This is because the body compensates for this lack of sleep. When you haven’t slept for days, you sleep hard and deep when you finally decide to take a rest. The muscles become floppier than normal so the result is loud snores. This can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle and practicing good sleeping habits.

Creative Edge Dentistry Can Help You Stop Snoring

We can provide you with a custom-fitted, mandibular advancement appliance, to help you stop snoring. Visit us today, so Dr. Kari Bender can work on your treatment right away. It takes a conscious effort to stop snoring so you and your loved ones sleep peacefully at night, and wake up feeling fully revitalized the next day. You may call (405) 241-9351 to schedule your consultation, or visit us at 1219 E. 9th Street Edmond, OK.

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