Dental phobia is something which millions of Americans are unfortunately affected with. While this may be a rather harmless condition, dental phobia is something which should not be allowed to continue. Individuals with dental anxiety would rather put their dental health in jeopardy just so that they could avoid having to step foot into a dental clinic. It’s no wonder why dentists have noticed that patients with dental phobia are more likely to have gum infections and tooth decay.

Why do some people develop dental anxiety?

Edmond OK dentistThis phobia isn’t something which a person is born with. According to experts, most of the time, people develop dental anxiety as a form of response to something. The following are reasons for why a person can have a dentophobia over time:

Past experiences. It may be that when you were younger, you had a very unfortunate experience with the dentist which led to your being traumatized. This is usually common among adults who lived through a time when dentistry wasn’t as advanced as it is today. And add to that the fact that anaesthesia wasn’t as potent as they are now. Certainly, a routine procedure now would have been rather painful in the past.

Scared to be embarrassed. Another reason for why people avoid going to the dentist for a very long time could have something to do with the current state of their dental health and how the think their dentist would react. They are scared that once their dentist discovers the state of their oral health, they would be open for ridicule and judgment.

Instruments used. Some people avoid the dentist because they do not like instruments being placed inside their mouth. This may be because they have very sensitive gag reflexes, they’re scared of the impending pain which these instruments signal or they just find it difficult to breathe with all those things inside their mouth.

Unsympathetic dentists. Lastly, some people were put off by dentists who came off as cold and did not really care much about their dental health. If this is what has been keeping you from going to the dentist, then it’s time for you to start being on the look-out for a new dentist. Consult review sites, and ask your family and friends about their recommendations.

Regardless of what is your trigger, the important thing is that you communicate your fears and concerns to your dentist, and be proactive in creating your own treatment plan so that you can be on top of things and your fears.

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