Snoring is a common disorder that affects many of us. While its health effects are not known to be severe, snoring can be highly disruptive because it affects the quality of sleep of the people around you. Some relationships can even become strained because of snoring. A bed partner who doesn’t get a good night’s rest because of your loud snores is most likely to sleep in another room; thus, affecting the entire relationship. Snoring is a bigger deal than it appears to be. If you have a partner who snores, or if you are the offending party, it is important to get help and stop snoring for good. Leading dentist in Edmond, Ok, Dr. Kari Bender, shares 5 effective tips to stop snoring and improve one’s quality of sleep.

1st – Sleep on your Side or Elevate your Head during Sleep.

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues of your throat relax during sleep, causing an obstruction to the airways. One thing that you can do is to elevate your head with pillows or to sleep on your side. This prevents the base of your tongue from collapsing and causing vibrating sounds while you sleep.

2nd – Do not sleep immediately after eating a full meal.

Dr. Bender states that sleeping immediately after eating increases the chances of snoring or experiencing breathing lapses while sleeping (sleep apnea). Therefore, she suggests that you wait at least 2 hours before going to bed after eating a meal.

3rd – Consider losing weight

Snoring occurs for both thin and overweight individuals. However, if you’ve gained a lot of weight and started snoring as a result, then losing weight can do the trick of eliminating snoring. An enlarged neck due to weight gain has the tendency of compressing around your throat’s internal diameter; hence, triggering snoring. Therefore, one key to stop snoring is by losing weight

4th – Schedule the hours you sleep

Practicing a healthy sleeping habit can stop snoring. Notice how differently you sleep when you work for long hours and then finally go to bed. You sleep more deeply when the body is overworked than when you sleep at regular hours every night. This has exactly the same effect on your throat muscles. The muscles become floppier with irregular sleep; which causes you to snore. It is important to maintain good sleeping habits.

5th – Take the Mandibular Advancement Appliance Therapy

The mandibular advancement appliance is an oral appliance used to stop snoring. It is worn like a mouth guard and appears very much like one too. What it does is repositions the tongue. The appliance moves your tongue forward, clearing the pathway for air. This is an effective, non-invasive treatment for snoring.

Let us Help You Stop Snoring

If you or a loved one snores during sleep, schedule an appointment with us, at Creative Edge Dentistry. We can help you stop snoring through the mandibular advancement appliance therapy. This treatment has helped many of our patients stop snoring and improve their quality of sleep. Call (405) 341-9351(405) 341-9351 or visit us at 1219 E. 9th Street Edmond, OK.

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