Dental Prosthetics

Creative Edge Dentistry offers the highest quality crowns and bridges in Edmond, OK. If you need these fixed, prosthetic devices installed, you can count on our tools, techniques, and our talented dentist. We offer years of experience providing dental restoration solutions. Whether you have severely damaged or missing teeth, you can get back the smile you want with just one procedure.

Crowns, also known as caps, help you improve your teeth’s aesthetics and strengthen its protection. If a tooth is chipped, crooked, or discolored, a crown can dramatically change its shape, alignment, or appearance. Crowns can be made of either ceramic or porcelain. Some people choose to have theirs made of metal or acrylic. You can actually have them created to match the color of your original teeth. Caps last for a very long time with proper hygiene and good oral habits. They allow you to restore your damaged teeth’s natural functioning.

Bridges help replace your missing teeth. They are placed on the empty gaps and cemented on the natural teeth surrounding it. They have been used for years to restore your teeth’s natural functioning and overall appearance. Your original teeth require tooth preparation before our dentists can place this dental work. Our dentists need to reduce your existing teeth. Rest assured, however, that we will keep as much natural enamel as we can. The results will be well worth the effort because they last a lifetime.

Creative Edge Dentistry offers the most convenient dental solutions in Edmond, OK. Crowns and bridges are our practice’s most sought after service. When you have either of these prosthetic devices from us, we guarantee the results are long lasting and natural looking. All you need to do is maintain good oral hygiene and have regular check-ups. You can enjoy your usual activities without worrying about anything. You can smile, talk, and eat without worries.