Meet Our Dental Assistant:Stephanie - Dental Assistant Recognition Week Stephanie Arnwine

This week is Dental Assistant Recognition Week and we’d like to take some time to honor our beloved and hardworking Dental Assistant, Stephanie Arnwine! We know that we couldn’t get through the day without her skill and work. In honor of this special week, we’ve included a fun Q&A with the girl of the hour, Stephanie Arnwine! Read on to learn more about her and why she is a self-proclaimed “nerd”…


What’s your favorite part of your job?

I absolutely love working with the CEREC! Designing and painting crowns is probably my most favorite thing to do.


What has been your most memorable moment as a dental assistant?

Changing someone’s smile and receiving a big hug afterward. The patient was so thankful and happy. I love to see that.


What made you want to become a dental assistant?

I was in the dental chair a lot as a kid and I loved it. I would always tell my dentist or hygienist that I wanted to work in the dental field.


In one sentence, convince us why we should brush and floss every day.

No one will want to kiss you.


What is one thing your patients would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a huge nerd. I love comic books, attending comi-cons, and I’m an artist as well.


Keeping your patient’s smiles healthy is the main focus of your job but what is one of your favorite guilty-pleasure-cavity-inducing snacks?

I eat the mess out of sour worms. But I don’t feel guilty about it.


If you could have one superhero power, what would it be and why?

I personally prefer the villains, such as Loki, but if I could have a superhero power, I’d want to be able to control the Iron-Man suit. It’s pretty incredible.

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