Childrens Dentistry in EdmondAre you a mom who can’t resist spoiling your children with a sugary juice drink at least once a day? What about several sugary drinks a day? As much as your child loves you for it, a new study suggests that there is a link between the amount of sweetened drinks you give your young one and the likelihood that your child isn’t receiving adequate dental care.

According to a study in Toronto, the odds that a child around the age of four had never visited a dentist increase by 20 percent with each one-cup increase in the amount of sugary drinks they consume per day. Other factors that increase the odds of never having seen a dentist included younger age, income level and prolonged bottle use.

The study focused on over 2,505 children around 4 years of age and was performed by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital. Of the children surveyed, less than one percent had received dental care by 12 months of age and less than two percent received dental care by 24 months. The findings highlighted the fact that many children are not receiving the amount of dental care that they need.

Children’s Dentistry at Creative Edge Dentistry

At Creative Edge Dentistry, we know that there is a serious need to educate parents about their child’s oral health. We offer trusted and quality children’s dentistry to patients throughout the Edmond area. We believe that a child’s oral health is extremely important to maintain. The health of their teeth at a very young age paves the way for their oral health in the future.

One of the biggest misconceptions that we see is the belief that children do not need to visit the dentist until their permanent teeth come in. Unfortunately, these children who receive dental care late are more likely to suffer from extensive tooth decay. On the other hand, according to one of the authors of the Toronto study, children who receive preventative dental care within the first 12 months have less oral diseases, are less likely to need restorative work or emergency treatment and experienced less expensive dental visits as they were older.

At Creative Edge Dentistry, we know you have lots of questions regarding your child’s oral health. We are always willing to provide the answers to your questions and we are committed to keeping your child healthy. For more information on children’s dentistry or to schedule your child’s appointment, visit us at our office in Edmond, OK or call us today at (405) 341-9351(405) 341-9351.

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