Children’s Dentistry in Edmond OKWhat do you do when your child comes to you, complaining about a severe toothache? You become stressed and worried, because you need to find an effective treatment to address the situation quickly. Instead of going through all this hassle, bring your child to a good dentist at the early age of 2. A dentist who specializes in children’s dentistry can best address your child’s oral healthcare needs. Decay, toothache, cosmetic flaws and many other dental problems can be prevented when a child regularly goes to the dentist. This can also encourage your child to practice good oral care habits from toddler years up to adulthood. Here are helpful tips in finding a good children’s dentist.

  • Choose a dentist who specializes in children’s dentistry. These dentists are well trained and experienced to handle kids, and have additional years of training to meet the demands of child care. They know how to make a child feel at ease and comfortable during a dental visit.
  • Find out if the office is appealing to children. It is important that you choose a dental practice with an office appealing to children. The walls can be painted in bright colors or there could be a play area just for kids. Your child needs to feel a sense of belonging. A nurturing, loving, and playful environment would most certainly be a plus.
  • Discover how the dentist will put your child at ease. Dentists have different ways to manage children. Some are strict and unaccommodating while others are caring and friendly. Choose the latter. You want your child to like visiting his dentist and not dread a dental visit every time you suggest the idea. Prizes at the end of the treatment would be great, as well as the use of TV screens and headphones during a dental treatment. The chairside attitude of the dentist is also important in making your child at ease and comfortable during a dental visit.
  • Ask if you will be allowed to be with your child inside the treatment room. Some kids feel more secure with their parents around while others don’t. If you feel that your child would want you inside the room with him, mention this concern with the dentist. Being open to this possibility can give you an idea of the dentist’s way of caring for your child.
  • Find out how the dentist deals with difficult children. While we do not want to label children, there are those who have the tendency to misbehave during a procedure. How does the dentist feel about this? What will be done to handle the situation? Asking the dentist these questions will give you an idea on whether the dentist is trained and equipped to handle such situations.

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